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You can use the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) Settings feature to select whether your organisation will lodge your employee income data electronically via the AIS or manually via forms. If you select the electronic option, you cannot change this selection once you have lodged any data. Also, if you have employing entities, this setting will apply for all employing entities linked to your organisation.

Getting Started

  1. To access the IRAS Settings go to Payroll Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Business Settings heading and select Statutory Reporting Settings. IRAS_settings__1_.jpeg
  3. The Statutory Reporting Settings page contains a tab for the CPF Settings and a tab for the IRAS Settings. Click here to view more information on the CPF Settings. 
  4. Select the IRAS settings tab

The IRAS settings tab allows businesses to select whether you will be lodging the Annual Income Information electronically via the AIS (Auto Inclusion Scheme), or manually.

N.B. It is mandatory for businesses with more than four employees to lodge electronically via the AIS.

You are given two lodgement options:

  1. Electronically via the AIS.
  2. Manual upload/forms.

Electronically via the AIS

To lodge electronically via the Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS) businesses must be registered and the appropriate digital services must be enabled within CorpPass. Any authorised users must be configured correctly for the submission to be successful.

This option also includes a check box for if you are a tax agent lodging on behalf of your business client. 

If you are lodging the Annual Income Information electronically, you perform this task via the IR8A lodgement report.

Manual upload/forms

If you are lodging the Annual Income Information manually, select the manual/upload forms option. You then go to the IR8A report in order to generate/publish the forms for the employees. The employees then upload the income data to their tax portal.

The option to generate forms will not be available if you have enabled electronic submission. 

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