Exporting Journal Accounts

Journal accounts are used for mapping purposes within the chart of accounts. You are able to add as many accounts as you need.

This can be done manually

  1. Go to Payroll settings
  2. Chart of Accounts
  3. Export Configuration


  1. In order to be able to export your journals, ensure that the journal service has been enabled via the Payroll settings
  2. Integrations


Once your journal accounts have been entered, you are able to export them if required. You can do this via the following 2 places:

Data extracts page

From the 'Payroll settings' > 'Data extracts' page, you simply need to click on the 'Data type' drop down menu and select 'Journal accounts' before selecting either Excel XLSX or CSV as the data type.

Chart of accounts page

  1. Navigate to Payroll Settings.
  2. Click on Chart of Accounts.
  3. Select Manage Accounts.
  4. Select Export.


Note: If you have a direct integration with an offered provider, you will not see the 'Manage accounts' button, instead you will see an 'Import accounts' button instead. 

Once exported, you are able to make changes or add new accounts to the file, before importing it again. Just be mindful that the 'Account type' must be set to one of the below in order for the import to work:




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