Subscribing to Calendar Feeds

Once you have created a calendar feed, you can use the unique generated url and create a calendar within the calendar application of your choice. Simply copy the generated url by clicking the clipboard button and paste it into your preferred calendar application.

Below are instructions to set up a calendar using specific calendar applications: 


  1. Click the calendar button then click the Open Calendar button at the top of the client.
  2. Select the 'From the Internet' option and paste the copied url into the text box.
  3. After clicking 'Ok', Outlook will begin to synchronise and before long you will see a new calendar with the Calendar Feed name.
  4. Each time the client synchronises the Calendar will be updated automatically.


Setting a Reminder

Adding a reminder to an outlook event is as easy as double clicking the event you wish to set a reminder for. If the event is recurring, for example a pay run, you can update the entire series by selecting entire services on the following dialog box.

In the event pop up you are now able to add a reminder to the event.


Google Calendar

  1. Log into your google calendar
  2. Click the small arrow next to 'Other Calendars' and select 'Add by URL'.



  3. Simply paste the copied url into the textbox and click 'Add Calendar'.


Setting a Reminder

Adding a reminder in google calendar is straight forward. Double click the event you wish to be reminded for and you will then be presented with a screen that looks like the following


Now click the 'Add a notification' link, select from the options available then click 'Save'.

Hotmail/Outlook Live

  1. Login into your Outlook live account (Online Microsoft account).
  2. Click the calendar icon in the bottom left corner.
  3. Click the 'Add Calendar' button and select the 'From internet' option
  4. Simply paste the copied url into the 'Link to the Calendar' text box and name the calendar.
  5. Click the save button


Setting a Reminder

Adding a reminder in Outlook Live involves double clicking an event. You will be presented with a screen that allows you to add a reminder. Be aware that if the is a recurrence you can click the link at the top of the screen to add the reminder to the series instead.

Now simply click the 'Add an email reminder' link, select an option and click 'Save'.

Mac Calendar

  • Click on 'New Calendar Subscription' under File and paste the url in the 'Calendar URL' field
  • Click on 'Subscribe'


  • The following pop up will appear. Verify/adjust the settings and click 'OK'


Setting a Reminder

Reminders can be set by default by going to Calendar > Preferences > Alerts:


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