Subscription payment details and plan options

The payment method options available to subscribers are:

  • Credit card using Visa or Mastercard; or
  • Direct debit of a bank account

The default payment method will be credit card. Once credit card details are entered, the platform will perform a pre-authorisation of $1 to make sure the card is valid, but the credit card will not‌ be charged. It will show in your internet banking as a 'Pending' charge for a couple of days before it disappears.

Change billing details

To add, view, edit, or update your billing and/or payment details, go to the Payroll Settings Subscription page. If you have already entered your credit card details, your payment information will display as follows:

screenshot of the payment information on file section.jpg

To add new credit card details, update existing details, or ask for a different payment method, you will need to email and include the business name and id of your account.

To change and/or add invoice recipients, click on the Change This button and use a comma to separate multiple email addresses. To change your billing address, click on the Change Billing Details button and enter your new address.

Changing plans

The details of the plan you are currently subscribed to is displayed on the Subscription page. If you are interested in viewing other subscriptions or want to change to a different subscription, you will need to email and include the business name and id of your account.


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