Bureau Dashboard - Overview

The bureau dashboard highlights activities, issues and warnings across a bureau's client base and allows you to take action as required, with a specific focus on pay runs. This assists in gaining key overall insights into how pay runs are processed, the state of those pay runs and allows you to make decisions based on the information presented in the bureau.

You can access the bureau dashboard via the partner dash by clicking on the 'Bureau' icon in the top right hand corner:   


Once in the bureau dashboard, you'll also notice another 'Activities' icon which gives you a snapshot on the progress of activities that you have created:


If you would like to access the support documents from within the bureau dashboard, you can do this via the 'Help' link in the bottom left hand corner:


The following articles will assist when using the bureau dashboard:

Frequently asked questions

Who is the bureau dashboard for? 

The Bureau Dashboard is available for all existing Employment Hero Payroll bureaus (accountants, bookkeepers and payroll outsourced service providers) to manage pay run activities across multiple clients in one place.

I’m not an existing Employment Hero Payroll user, can I access the Bureau Dashboard 

The Bureau Dashboard is only available for partners. Access the pages below to find out more about partnering up in the country you are located in:

Australia | New Zealand | United Kingdom | Singapore | Malaysia

I use Employment Hero Payroll across multiple countries (e.g. AU, NZ, SG) can I use the bureau dashboard to manage pay run activities across all of these countries?

Yes, you can. Simply start creating workflows for selected clients to bring it into the bureau dashboard. 

Is there an additional cost attached with the Bureau Dashboard? 

No. The Bureau Dashboard is available at no additional cost to all existing partners. 

I have questions about the Bureau Dashboard, who can I contact?

Our extensive support articles are here to smoothly guide you through key aspects of the Bureau Dashboard so that you can get set up and running in a flash. Access the respective Bureau Dashboard support articles for your country below: 

Australia | New Zealand | United Kingdom | Singapore | Malaysia

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can reach out to our respective support teams for further assistance:

I have feedback about the Bureau Dashboard, who do I send it to? 

You can send feedback about your experience of the Bureau Dashboard to our respective support teams: 

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.au

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