Setting up Employees on a Supported Wage System

If a business has installed an Award and also has an employee under a Supported Wage System, the employee's pay rate can easily be configured whilst maintaining all of the other award conditions to that employee. 

To do this you need to create a new Pay Rate Template and Employment Agreement for the Supported Wage employee.

  1. Create a New Pay Rate Template

The easiest way to do this is to clone the pay rate template that would have applied to the employee (had they not been under a Supported Wage System). Do this by going to Payroll Settings -> Pay Rate Templates and select the applicable award from the drop down menu. Hover over the required pay rate template and click 'Clone':


The system will then put a copy of this under 'Your pay rate templates'. From here you can rename it and enter the actual pay rate against the primary pay category. All linked pay categories will then automatically recalculate based on the new pay rate and penalty percentage applied against those pay categories. 

     2. Create a New Employment Agreement

Once you have set up the pay rate template to be used for the Supported Wage arrangement, you then need to go to Payroll Settings -> Employment Agreements and click on 'Add a custom agreement', in which you can link the new pay rate template and employee. The following fields apply:

  • Classification - What it will be called
  • Rank - Used to determine if an employee is using higher duties. A higher paying employment agreement should have a higher rank. Equivalent agreements should have the same rank.
  • Employment Type - e.g. casual, full time
  • Pay Conditions - which pay conditions rule set should apply
  • Leave Allowance Template - which leave allowance template should apply
  • Pay Rate Templates based on - date of birth, anniversary date in years or months
  • The last field allows you to select multiple pay rate templates based on the employee's date of birth or anniversary date. 


    3. Once you have created the Pay Rate Template and Employment Agreement, you just need to link the employee to these. To do this, go to the Employee File -> Pay Run Defaults and select the created Employment Agreement. This will then apply the relevant Pay Rate Template, Rule Set, and Leave Allowance Template:


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