How to Change Employment Types

From time to time an employee will change their employment status from Permanent -> Full-time, Casual -> Part-time etc. Within the system, there are a couple of settings that need to be changed to correctly reflect this:

  1. In the Employee File -> Tax File Declaration page - change the employment type


  2. In the Employee File -> Pay Run Defaults page - 
    • If you are not using Award settings: 
      • change the Primary Pay Category 

      • depending on the circumstances, you may want to change the employee's Anniversary date 
      •  you may want to change the employee's Job title
    • if you are using Award settings: 
      • check/change the Employment Agreement (this will in turn change the pay rate template/pay category
      • you may want to change the employee's Job title
  3. Check/change the Employee's Leave allowance page to ensure that either the appropriate Leave Allowance Template is in place OR that each leave type is correctly set up for the employment type now in place


A record of all changes made on the employee record can be found if you go to the Reports tab on the payroll dashboard, click on Employee Details Audit Report (under the Employee heading) then filter the report accordingly.

Please note - you will need to ensure that the rule sets match the changes if required.

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