Superannuation - Employer Contributions

  1. If you need to set up either a reportable or non-reportable superannuation contribution that is paid by the employer, now it is as easy as ever. For help identifying what is a reportable or non-reportable employer super contribution, please visit the ATO website here.  By following these steps you can add in the employer contribution into the employee's wage;

    1. To add the contribution into the employee's pay from the pay run click the Actions button.
    2. Select Adjust Super
    3. This creates a Super Adjustment line. 
    4. Select either Employer Contribution (RESC) or Employer Contribution (Non-RESC) from the drop down list.  Insert a Note if required, and the amount that the employer is contributing to the employee.
    5. Click Save. super_adjust_2.jpg
    6. Scroll up to the column headers.
    7. We have created two columns in the pay slip under Super Contributions: SG (Super Guarantee)
      and EC (Employer Contribution). The amount you entered will be recorded under EC, if an employee has both reportable and non-reportable employer contributions, the total will be recorded under EC. 
    8. Once you hit the save button you will see the contribution in the EC column, both reportable and non-reportable contributions will be displayed in this column, for example if an employee has $50 Employer Contribution (RESC) and $50 Employer Contribution (Non-RESC) the total of $100 is displayed in the EC column, see image below. At any time, if you require confirmation of the employer contribution amounts added in the pay run for an employee, click on the tooltip next to the amount displayed in the EC column for that employee and this will advise you, see image below. pay_slip_columns.jpg


    Ongoing Contributions

    If you want this contribution to be ongoing, you can enter in a Super Adjustment via the employee file.

    Select the employee that the contribution applies and select 'Pay Run Inclusions' ->  add 'Super Adjustments' before selecting 'Employer Contribution' from the drop down menudd 'Super Adjustments, see image below:

    1. Select the employee that the contribution applies.
    2. Select Pay Run Inclusions.
    3. Go to Super Adjustments and select Add. super_adjustment_add.jpg
    4. Select Employer Contribution from the drop down menu.
    5. Select the Amount (per pay run) either fixed or percentage. 
    6. Enter any Notes.
    7. Select when the pay run inclusion should Start and Expire.
    8. Click on Add.
    9. This adjustment will appear on the selected employee's pay every pay run.super_adjust_3__1_.jpg


    Employer Contributions Reporting

    The following reports will assist you in identifying and reporting on both the reportable and non-reportable employer contributions:

    1. Super Contributions report will display reportable and non-reportable employer contributions as separate line items under the Contribution Type column.
    2. Gross to Net report will display reportable and non-reportable employer contributions under separate columns under the Super Contributions section.
    3. Pay Run Audit report will display both reportable and non-reportable employer contributions in the summary under the EC column, similar to within the pay run. However, if you download the report in excel, each contribution type will be displayed separately.


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