Pay Run Status Guide.

When a pay run is created icons are displayed next to the pay run entry, the actual icons displayed is dependant on what functionality has been set up in the business.  The icon options are:


mceclip0.png Tax Office submissions.


mceclip1.png PensionSync submission. (UK only)


mceclip2.png Notifications sent.


mceclip3.png Journal exported.


After the pay run has been finalised the icons will change colour to show the status of each of the separate functions.




Green -  Indicates the submission , export or publishing has been successful.

Amber - Indicates a warning, this could mean a submission has not been sent or notifications have not been published. (UK only)

Red - Indicates an error so a submission or publishing has gone wrong.

Grey - Indicates an unpublished or unsubmitted state. 

You can hover over each icon which will give you the status of that function.  There is also a handy icon status guide available if you hover over the information icon within the heading (as shown above.)

Finally, if you do have any errors or warnings, you can see this at a glance as a warning indicator will be displayed within the pay run tab.  This will be cleared as any errors or warnings are dealt with, or can be cleared manually by clicking the text at the top of the pay run tab.

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