Leave - Entering Leave Taken

You are able to add leave taken either during the pay run or via the Leave requests.

Entering leave via a pay run

To enter leave taken during the pay run you need to:

  1. Click on the employee for whom it applies, this will open the employee's pay run details.
  2. Click on the blue "Actions" tab in the bottom right hand corner then choose the "Take Leave" option
  3. When you click the "Take Leave" button, a new line will show under the "Leave Taken" heading.
  4. You will then need to enter:
    • Leave Category (required)
    • Notes
    • Units Taken (required). The units will display as either hours, days or weeks and depends on how you have set up the leave category. 


Note: Against each leave option (next to the "Notes" field, the system, will display how many units of the chosen leave the employee has available. If the units entered are higher than the balance available, a warning will display that says "This employee has taken more leave than they have accrued". The system will allow the employee to go into a negative leave balance, however you can choose to only apply the number of units the employee has available and then process the remaining leave as leave without pay/unpaid leave in a separate "Take Leave" action.


Entering leave via a leave request

You can use the leave menu to enter future or historic leave requests, and these will then be available to "apply" in the appropriate pay run/s.

1. Go to the 'Create Requests' option by clicking on the 'Manage Employees' button from the payroll dashboard:


2.  Now complete the create leave request window. Note: you can enter leave for the same period for more than one employee at a time...


3. Depending on your permissions, you can choose to approve the leave immediately before saving the request. Alternatively, once clicking on 'Save' the applicable personnel will receive an email notification regarding the leave request (if their notification settings have been configured as such) so it can be actioned accordingly.

4. Leave requests relating to that pay run (or historic leave requests that are yet to be applied) will appear in the "Leave Requests" tab within the pay run. Please note that leave requests are not automatically applied in a pay run. As such, they manually need to be applied. You can apply an individual leave request by clicking on the "Apply" button that appears to the right when you hover over the request. 


Alternatively, you can bulk apply all leave requests by clicking on the "Bulk Apply" button.

NOTE: If a leave request spans more than one pay period, the system will notify you of this. In this scenario, you can override the number of units by entering the number of units applicable to that pay run. The subsequent pay run will then keep a record of units previously applied and so will then just apply the remaining units.

To find out more about how leave requests, when applied, affect the employee's earnings check out this article Leave Categories (how leave behaves in the pay run)

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.io

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