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As an organisation, when paying out your employee's salary, you would withhold a portion of their income and send it directly to their Central Provident Fund (CPF) account. By having the means to see a breakdown of of the CPF contributions within your business on a specific date will reduce the administration needed to manage this process within your organisation.

The CPF Lodgement Reporting feature allows you to create a report that you can use to analyse employee CPF Lodgements that were processed in a pay run, with the ability to narrow the data down by date, pay schedule, payment type, employee and employing entity. You can also use this feature to download a Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) data file or save the information in a printable PDF format.


Generate the report

  1. Log into your payroll account. 
  2. Click on the Reports menu.
  3. Select the CPF Lodgement report from the Payroll reports section. cpf_report__1_.jpeg
  4. You then need to select how to filter the report then click Run Report:
    • Date Range:This can be set by clicking on the calendar icon. Alternatively, you can search a specific pay run instead by clicking the 'date range' link to switch views. The date range uses the pay period date range to obtain data and not the date paid i.e. any earnings earned during the date range will be included in the report results, irrelevant of when they were paid.
    • Pay Schedule: this will include all pay schedules set up in the payroll file; 
    • Payment type: The following payment types are included from the pay run/s;
      • Mandatory Employer CPF
      • Mandatory Employee CPF
      • Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) Fund Deductions
      • Eurasian Community Fund (ECF) Deductions
      • Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) Fund Deductions
      • Community Chest Deductions
      • Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund (MBMF) Deductions
      • Skills Development Levy
      • Voluntary Employer CPF
      • Voluntary Employer MediSave
    • Location: this will include all locations set up in the payroll file, and will report on CPF according to the location that the employee is attached to via their employee file > pay run defaults page; 
    • Employee


  1. The results are displayed in four columns:
  • Employee
  • Date of payment - reflects the date paid of the pay run
  • Payment type - which of the payment types previously mentioned have had payments withheld
  • Amount of payment.
  1. You can display the results two ways: 
  • Show all employees - Will show each employee listed under their default location. 
  • Collapse all - Will show the total amount withheld for CPF contributions.

Export the report

You have the option to export this report to PDF as well as downloading the FTP file for loading into the CPFB website.

To download the FTP file:

Click Download

Click on the report number for the FTP file to automatically download. cpf_download_ftp.jpeg

To download the report as a PDF:

Click PDF to automatically start the download the report of the PDF file. cpf_pdf.jpeg


Run Report from Pay Run

Despite no longer requiring to lock the pay run to run the CPF lodgement report, you can also run the report directly from the Finalise a pay run screen. 

  1. Log into you payroll platform.
  2. Click on the Pay run menu.
  3. Perform new pay run or open the pay run you wish to finalise.
  4. Click Finalise Pay Run button.
  5. If the CPF settings have been provided for CPF payments, you will now see a Download CPF Lodgement Report button. This button allows you to generate the FTP file for uploading and making payments to the Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB). The file should be uploaded into the e-Submit@web portal.
  6. Click the Download CPF Lodgement Report button. cpf_download__1_.jpeg
  7. You will receive this warning: Any CPF contributions allocated to employees who are not permanent residents or citizens will not be included in this file and will need to be manually added into the CPFB website for payment.
    Are you sure you wish to continue? 
  8. Click Confirm. 
  9. The report will download automatically as a .zip file. cpf_confirm.jpeg


Other things to note:

  • The ability to download a FTP file is only enabled when a CSN is provided in the payroll settings > Statutory reportng settings > CPF settings page
  • The primary CSN is used for the mandatory payments, must have the payment type 'PTE'
  • Additional CSN’s are only used for Voluntary Employer CPF and/or Voluntary Employer MediSave payments, payment types 'VCT' and 'AMS' are used for these payments
  • If there are multiple employing entities set up, files will be produced for each EE CSN set up (where there is a relevant payment in the pay run) 
  • If voluntary employer CPF contributions have been made in the pay run for employees who are not citizens or permanent residents (NRIC doesn't start with T or S), the CPF amounts will not be included in the FTP file. These amounts must be manually added into the CPFB website. Skills development levy (SDL) and self help group contribution amounts will be included in the file for these employees however.
  • When the report is generated for a date range as opposed to a pay run, the report will include data for all finalised pay runs which fall within that period e.g. if the business has a monthly pay schedule and a monthly managers pay schedule and each have a pay run with the same pay period, the CPF file produced will contain data for both pay runs. This allows the CPF data to be reported in a single file, instead of needing to do it multiple times for each pay run/schedule.
  • The skills development levy (SDL) value is rounded down to the nearest dollar ($) in the FTP file.

 If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.io

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