Entering Accrued Leave

There may be instances where an employee's leave has not been accruing or accruing incorrectly or you need to reverse leave that was taken as the incorrect leave category was applied, for eg annual leave was processed in a pay run however it should have been sick leave. You can adjust an employee's leave balance and accrue additional leave within a pay run - either a normal scheduled pay run or an ad hoc pay run.

Manually accrue leave in a scheduled pay run

To add accrued leave in a scheduled:

  1. Open the (unlocked) pay run and click on the employee for whom it applies.
  2. Under the 'Leave Accrued' heading, click on the pencil icon of the affected leave category to edit
  3. Enter the required figure in the units field. N.B. As this is a scheduled pay run, the employee may have leave already accruing based on their hours worked. In this scenario make sure you add the units you want to apply on top of what is automatically being applied in the pay run. For example, say the employee automatically accrued 0.58333 days for the scheduled pay run and you wanted to manually accrue an extra 1 day for an adjustment needed. You will need to enter 1.58333 in the field.    
  4. You can enter notes to communicate to the employee that an extra x units has been added to their balance.
  5. Click the "Save" button in the bottom right corner. 
  6. To "undo" your edit just click on the pencil icon again and hit Save - the default accrual amount will reappear.


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