Updating Employee NRIC Details

To update an employees tax file declaration you need to open the employee file and then click the 'NRIC' tab on the left menu:


Important information on this page includes:

  • NRIC/FIN: (required). This field is immediately validated and you will only be able to proceed if the number is correct. The following identification numbers will be accepted:
      • National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) - beginning with S or T
      • Foreign Identification Number (FIN) - beginning with F or G
      • Immigration File Reference Number - number format NNNNNNNC
      • Work Permit Number - number format N NNNNNNNC
      • Malaysian Identification Card - 7 or 8 alpha numeric or 12 numeric characters
      • Passport Number - any other number format
  • Expiry date: Optional. Only fill in if using a FIN number
  • Employment type: (required). Select between part time or full time.
  • Nationality: (required) Select from the drop down box allows you to select the employee's nationality. This data is used for reporting to the IRAS.
  • Religion & Ethnicity: These fields are optional and are only used for reporting purposes. 
  • Legal status: (required). Select from citizen, permanent resident, tax resident, foreigner. 
  • Date obtained residency: Only applicable if legal status is 'Permanent resident'. Date that citizen received their residency. This data is used to determine which CPF rates apply.
  • CPF contribution rates: Only applicable if legal status is 'Permanent resident'. This determines which CPF rates apply, if no selection is made the graduated employer and employee rates will apply during the first 2 years (based on date obtained residency provided).
  • Covered by Employment Act: (required) The Employment Act does not cover employees who are managers/executives, seamen, domestic workers or government employees. Part 4 of the Employment Act (which covers rest days, hours of work and overtime) is only relevant to employees earning less than $2,600 or workmen who earn less than $4,500 per month.
  • Employee group: (required) This determines the CPF rate that will apply to the employee. Select from private sector, non-pensionable government, pensionable government.

Click Save when finished.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.io

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