Adding Earnings Lines To A Pay Run

If you want to adjust the amount an employee is paid, you can do this by adding (or removing) earnings lines from within the pay run.

You can add an earnings line to a pay run with the following steps:

    1. Open the employee within the pay run that you wish to add the earnings line to by clicking on their name in list of employees in the pay run to expand their pay run details.

    2. From the 'Actions' button in the bottom right corner click 'Add Earnings':


    3. This will add an earnings line which is pre-filled with the employee's primary pay category.

    4. For this earnings line you can enter the
      • Pay Category (required)
      • Location
      • Dimensions
      • Notes
      • Units (hours / days / units)
      • Rate
      • Once you have entered the details for the earnings line, click 'Save' and the earnings line will be applied to the pay run.


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