Adjust Pay Period Dates within a Pay Run

You can change the pay period dates for a given Pay Run. 

  1. Open the Pay Run that needs pay period dates adjusted.
  2. Click the Adjust Pay Period button from the Pay Run Actions option. This option is only visible from the Pay Run actions in unlocked/unfinalised pay runs
  3. In the Adjust Pay Period pop-up, select the new pay period ending and the date the Pay Run will be paid and click the Save button.
  4. If the dates are valid, the pay period will be updated.

There are a couple of scenarios to be aware of when changing the pay period dates:

  • If an employee's start date is before the pay period start date, they will be removed from the Pay Run; and
  • If an employee's end date is before the pay period end date, they will be removed from the Pay Run.
  • To provide accurate CPF calculations, the Pay Run will automatically recalculate after you save any adjustments to the pay period dates.

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