Pay Run Tasks

As a payroll manager, you get requests coming in all the time from staff that can potentially affect your pay runs. Ad hoc requests to add a deduction or adjust a CPF amount or to change an employee bank account. Sometimes these things can be done in advance, but sometimes you need to adjust them in a pay run.

On top of this, you have the normal things you have to do like check the bank account for funds, review timesheets to ensure they’re all approved, check for employees taking more leave than they should and more. These are standard operating steps that can easily be forgotten or missed on each pay run.

Pay run tasks makes it easy to track all your pay run processing steps by allowing you to setup recurring and one off pay run tasks that can be applied to the entire pay run or specific employees.

From within the task management screen, you can quickly add new tasks as well as review upcoming tasks for a given pay run

Getting started

Go to the left side dash and hover over the 'Tasks' icon:



Creating a task

 Click on create a task and use all or some of the following options to configure the task

  • Description
  • Employees (all or specific employees)
  • Pay Schedule
  • Pay run/s the task applies to
  • Task period end date
  • Private or public
  • Add notes relevant to the task. When adding notes, you can choose whether Managers (ie restricted users) are also able to view the note
  • Attach any document(s) relevant to the task 


View/manage tasks

You can do a number of things from within View Tasks

  • Create a task
  • Create a Pay Run
  • View upcoming tasks
  • See a snapshot of tasks that have not been completed in pay runs
  • Mark a task as complete for a historic pay run



Click on a task to open the context panel. You will be able to view details of the task and see which pay runs have had the task completed or not completed.


Tasks in the Pay Run

When you go to process a pay run, the task list will be present and you’ll be able to view which tasks need to be completed



From within a Pay Run you will be able to view the task list and then use the minimise arrow to 'move' the list aside while you action the task. 


Then you can recall the list by click on the arrow again


You can also quickly see which employees have a task assigned as they’ll have the “tasks” indicator next to their name in the pay run:


Finally, you can review the tasks that were complete in the pay run audit report.


You can also generate a Task Report to get more details of tasks for a specific pay run or date range.

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