Subscription payment details and plan options

Currently, subscribers can only use Credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) as a payment method.

Once credit card details are entered, the platform will perform a pre-authorisation check to ensure the card is valid, but the credit card will not‌ be charged. It will show in your internet banking as a 'Pending' charge for a couple of days before it disappears.

Changing payment details

How do I add a new credit card?
  1. Click Payroll Settings.
  2. Click Subscriptions.
    Screenshot of dashboard with payment setting and subscriptions highlighted Your current payment information will then be shown.
  3. Click Change payment details.
    Screenshot of subscription page with change payment details highlighted
    A modal will pop up.
  4. Enter your card details

  5. Click Submit

Changing plans

How do I change subscription plans?

For inquiries about other subscription options, or to switch plans, please email with your business name and account ID.


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