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Borang CP8D E form (Return form of employer) is a declaration report and it is submitted by an employer to Inland Revenue Board (IRB) every year, no later than 31 March. This form reports:

  1. Employer's company details;
  2. Each employee’s remunerations details.
Generate the Report
  1. To generate the report, start by going to the Reports section.
  2. Navigate to Statutory Reporting and select IRB - Borang CP8D E form (Return form of employer).
  3. You can then filter the results according to the following: 
  • Tax Year: You can select the relevant basis calendar year;
  • Pay schedule: Will list all active pay schedules within the business;
  • Employing entity: Only applicable if there are multiple employing entities set up;
  • Employee: An individual employee can be selected;
  • Employee default location: As configured on the Employee file > Pay run defaults page.
  1. Click the Generate button. CP8D_-_generate.jpg
  2. The following data will be shown:
  • Employee name;
  • Identity card / Passport number;
  • Total gross remuneration;
  • Total tax exempt allowances;
  • Total child relief;
  • Total TP1 tax relief;
  • Total Zakat;
  • Total EPF;
  • Total MTD.
  • Medical insurance paid via salary deduction / Insurans perubatan yang dibayar melalui potongan gaji.
  • SOCSO contiribution paid via salary / Caruman PERKESO yang dibayar melalui potongan gaji.
Export the Report
  1. You are able to download the report to TXT or CSV files
  2. Click on the relevant buttons to export.
  3. Click on the TXT file button to automatically prompt the download. It contains 2 files within a .zip file
  • Employer's particular
  • Employees particulars
  1. Example of Employer's particular in the txt data file: 1234567890|Malaysia Business|2021
  2. Example of an employee's particular in the txt data file: Employee A|12345758331|111111111111|2|2|3|18000|80750|2800|||1600|5425||8064|3440.00|2073.35|
  3. You are also able to download the report as a .csv file that can then be read in Excel or similar spreadsheet software. 

Important to note

  • Employers are required to complete the form in csv or txt file format on all their respective employees for the relevant basis calendar year.
  • Remember that Form E will only be considered complete if CP8D is submitted on or before the due date for submission of the form by 31 March.
  • Other than e-Data Praisi and e-Filing (e-E), C.P.8D must be submitted in csv or txt file format by sending an e-mail to
  • Failure to submit Form E are liable to a fine of not less than RM200 and not more than RM20,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both under the Income Tax Act Section 120(1)(b).
Further Information

More information from IRB CP8D/E form guides:

If you have any questions you can contact us via

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