Partner Dashboard - Restoring Deleted Settings for a Business

Inadvertently deleting certain business settings can have a huge unintended consequences.  Deleting leave categories will mean that employees cannot view and apply for any leave hours that have been accrued against it, and deleting locations will affect reporting when earnings have been previously assigned. You are able to restore a range of these settings if they get deleted by mistake. 

From the partner dashboard click on the 'Restore deleted' link:


The business settings that you are able to restore are:

  • Deduction category
  • Employee expense category
  • Employer liability category
  • Employing entity (AU & NZ region only)
  • Leave category
  • Location pay category
  • Pay schedule
  • Roster template
  • Time and Attendance Kiosk
  • Work type
  • Employment agreement (AU only)
  • Business template

You are able to use the 'Filter' field to search using the name or ID of a setting, but keep in mind that you need to be in the correct section first in order to search. E.g. if you are looking for 'Annual leave', you can search using that name, but you must have selected 'Leave category' first in order to get a result. It will only search for the category that has been selected in the first field:


Once you have found the setting that you want to restore, simply click the 'Restore' button to the right of the page:



Before you delete anything from your business it is highly recommended to ensure that no employees are using the current setting, and even then, it is better practice to rename the setting instead of deleting it if it has been used in the past. If you add "do not use" for example to the end of a categories name, it will be clear to you not to use it anymore, however the historical data will still be there if needed. 

If you have any questions, please contact your payroll champion, and if needed they can contact us via

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