Adding a Claim Request on Behalf of an Employee

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Please note that claims are referred to as expenses, or expense claims in payroll.

You are able to add a claim request on behalf of an employee as both a restricted user (provided you have the correct permissions), and a full-access user. The process of adding an expense can be done via the main business file, or via the manager portal. This article covers the following:


If you are using HR and Payroll, expense requests are managed via the HR Web Platform and Swag.

User access requirements for adding a claim

In regards to restricted access users, there are a range of different user permissions that will affect what functions are able to be performed. Full access users can of course perform all functions, including adding expenses on behalf of an employee. Restricted users can have a range of permissions in relation to expenses, and this can be managed via the Payroll settings > Manage users page. The level of expense permissions include:

  • Approve expenses
  • Create employee expenses
  • View employee expenses

This article on managing users will provide more specific information on different user permissions. 

Accessing claims from the manager portal

A restricted user with 'Create employee expenses' is able to log into the manager portal and create an expense request on behalf of an employee. Once in the manager portal, expenses can be accessed via the left side dash, or from the 'Quick create' as shown below:


Accessing expenses from the main business file

Full-access users, from within the main business file can access expenses by clicking on the Manage Employees > Expenses tab on the dashboard:


Employee expense functions

The Employee Expenses screen allows you to view requests, with the ability to filter by:

  • Status;
  • Expense Category;
  • Date Range;
  • Employee;
  • Location


Depending on the level of access, users can also edit, approve, decline, or delete requests by clicking on the relevant symbols attached to the expense line. When you approve or decline an expense request, an email will be sent to the employee confirming the action:


Create a single expense line:

To create a new Expense Request, click on the button in the top right-hand corner that says 'Create Expense Request'.

After doing this, you will be presented with a pop-up requiring the expense details:



The expense request will automatically be included in the next pay run for that employee once it is approved.

Create multiple expense lines:

At times, it’s handy to be able to submit a single expense claim with multiple line items. This means that only a single expense claim needs to be submitted and approved so that the expense claim process can be simplified. You can also attach multiple documents to a single expense claim so you can keep all your receipts together in a single claim.

Simply click the green '+' button next to 'Line Items' to add multiple expenses:


Employees creating their own expense requests

Employees can be given access to create their own expense requests within the Employee Self Service Portal but they must be given access first by going into Payroll Settings -> Employee Portal Settings. 

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