Leave - Applying in Advance (Leave Predictions)

The payroll platform has the ability to predict what leave is / could be available when an employee applies for leave for dates in the future.  There are a couple of configurations that need to be in place for the leave predictions to work effectively.

  • The system will provide an up to date set of National public holidays in each business, automatically, but you can manually add Public Holidays such as local/regional and company authorised (e.g. picnic days) public holidays if you need. 
  • We estimate based on assumption of work from Mon-Fri (Sat and Sun are not included in the hours estimate) and taking into account public holidays

This is a screenshot of the employee's pay run default screen where the "normally" works hours are recorded;



Please note if an employee has not been included in a pay run or has not been paid regularly, therefore not accruing leave, predictive leave calculation will not work.  

If you have any feedback or questions please contact us via support@yourpayroll.io 

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