EPF - Borang A KWSP 3 (Registration) Form

The Borang A KWSP 3 (Registration) report allows you to generate details for new employees for the current month for the purposes of EPF transactions.

You are able to filter the report using the following:

  • As at month: You can change months by clicking on the calendar icon;
  • Pay schedule: Will list all active pay schedules within the business;
  • Employing entity: Only applicable if there are multiple employing entities set up;
  • Employee: An individual employee can be selected;
  • Employee default location: As configured on the Employee file > Pay run defaults page.


Once you have set the desired parameters, click the 'Generate' button to show the snapshot view results of the report. 



Then when you click on the 'PDF' button, it will generate the Borang A KWSP 3 form in PDF format. 

Below is an example of the generated form:


The KWSP website contains more KWSP 3 registration forms as required, including:

If you have any questions you can contact us via support@yourpayroll.com.au

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