Adding Employer Liabilities to a Pay Run

If you want to include an employer liability in a pay run, you can do so by adding employer liability lines within the pay run.

First, Make sure you have at least one employer liability category defined. For more information, see Creating and Managing Employer Liability Categories.

Open the employee in the pay run to which you wish to add the employer liability. Then, in the 'Actions' menu, choose 'Add employer liability':


An empty employer liability line will be added to the pay run. Fill in the details:

  • Liability category: One of the employer liability categories that has already been created;
  • Notes [Optional]: Any additional notes for this liability;
  • Amount: Enter the dollar amount for the liability.

When you're done, click 'Save' to add the liability to the pay run:



If you'd like to delete the liability, click the red X to the far right:



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