Employee Details Audit Report

The employee details audit report provides an audit log of changes made to employee profiles.

Report Parameters

  • Date range: Filters based on set periods or custom dates. Simply click on the calendar for more date options
  • Pay schedule: Filters all employees that have the specified pay schedule as their default pay schedule
  • Employee default location: Filters all employees that have the specified location as their default location
  • Employee: You are able to select a singular employee to filter for. You cannot select multiple employees. The search field allows for employee name, employee Id, external Id and payroll Id;
  • Section: Filters for 'sections' of the system i.e. bank accounts, leave allowances, pay rates. Select from a drop down list
  • Employing entity (if applicable)

Audited Information

The following changes are audited:

  • Additional Earning Lines
  • Employee Details
  • Statutory Details
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Opening Balances
  • Pay Run Defaults
  • Pay Rates
  • Locations
  • Leave Allowances
  • Bank Accounts
  • Qualifications
  • Work Types
  • Documents
  • Portal Access
  • Kiosk Access
  • Notes
  • Pay Run Inclusions
  • Frequency of Deductions
  • Unavailabilities


  1. Apart from a 'Status: Incomplete' event, no audit changes are recorded for an employee until their set up is complete.
  2. The channel column indicates the source of the change. The current channels are:
    • Web: changes made inside the web application
    • ESS: changes made by employees via the self-service portal
    • API: changes made using the API
    • Clock Me In: changes made by the Clock Me In iPad app
    • FileImport: changes made by, for example, an employee import CSV file
    • Job Handler: changes made automatically by the system
  3. If the 'change made by' column indicates that it was a 'system' change, this means it was activated by a different, associated change. E.g. if someone updates an employee’s pay rates and the employee’s primary pay category has linked pay categories, then the linked pay category rates will also update (which is an automatic via the system). So rates for linked pay categories will show as the system having made the changes, but the initial pay rate change itself is recorded as whoever the user was.

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