How to process an 'Ad Hoc' pay run

Creating an 'Ad hoc' pay run is as simple as ticking a box when creating a pay run.

You can use the 'usual' pay schedule OR you can create a separate pay schedule, called 'Ad hoc' (click on this link for assistance with creating a pay schedule). Using a separate pay schedule simply means that this pay run will stand out from the other regularly processed pay runs on your pay runs tab.

Which pay schedule you use is entirely your choice but no matter which way you create your 'off cycle/ad hoc' pay run there are 2 options for adding employees:

  1. Manually add employees to this pay run: This option will create an 'empty' pay run with no employees. You can then add the required employees.
  2. Create pay run with empty pays: This option will create a pay run which will include all of the employees linked to that pay schedule, but there will be no earnings populated for any of the employees. However if there are system deductions in place they will populate the pay run. How they display in the pay run depends on the settings in place. Deductions set to 'varied based on earnings' or 'percentage of gross' will display as $0 until there are earnings in place and fixed Deductions will populate the pay run with the fixed amount. 


NB: selecting either of the above options will remove the Import Timesheets options.

You have the ability to change the pay period dates and date paid for a given pay run (click on this link for details how).

1. Manually add employees to this pay run

  • Create a new pay run as normal and select either the 'Manually add employees to this pay run' option OR the 'Pay run actions' > 'Add employees':

    2021-03-31_15-56-40.jpg 2021-03-31_15-59-15.jpg

  • You'll then be presented with the below dialogue box in order to add the required employees:


  • Select the employee you wish to add from the drop-down list > then 'Add Employee':


  • Repeat for any additional employees that you would like to add.
  • Once you have finished adding employees, click 'Close'

2. Create pay run with empty pays

  • Create a new pay run as normal > select the 'Create pay run with empty pays' option;
  • All employees with this pay schedule as their default will appear in the pay run but they will all have RM0 earnings. That is, any employee default earnings, standard work hours or business pay run inclusions will not appear in the pay run:


  • You can then click on the employee's name that you would like to process a payment for.
  • Note - Any employees that did appear in the pay run but did NOT have a payment processed will drop off the pay run once it's finalised.

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