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The Portable Long Service Leave Scheme makes sure that workers in industries predominantly characterised by project-based employment arrangements are not disadvantaged. In these industries, employees frequently move from one project to another, often with different employers, and rarely remain with a single employer long enough to accumulate traditional long service leave entitlements.

Under the Portable Long Service Leave Scheme, eligible employees can accrue and utilise their long service leave entitlements across multiple employers, provided they continue working within their designated industry. It is worth noting that each Australian state administers its own Portable Long Service Leave Scheme, and the scope of industries covered may vary from one state to another.

The Portable Long Service Leave Report allows you to filter by specifying pay categories, reporting periods, location, and even individual employees. You can download your report in Excel or CSV format, enabling further analysis and manipulation of the data.

As the reporting requirements for each State and/or industry differ, this report has been designed to be flexible in order to provide earnings and hours details for your employees. By selecting the relevant pay categories for your state and/or industry, the report will automatically aggregate total earnings under the period pay column and total hours including units under the hours column.


Please note: This report is to be used in conjunction with the template employer return that can be downloaded within your State’s employer portal, or to assist you filing manual returns within your State’s employer portal. 

State compliance

Employers are required to take the following steps in compliance with the respective state's Portable Long Service Leave Scheme:

  1. Registration: Employers must register with the applicable state's scheme.

  2. Employee Enrolment: Eligible employees should be enrolled within the scheme.

  3. Reporting: Employers are responsible for submitting employer returns in line with the respective state’s Portable Long Service Leave Scheme’s reporting due dates.

    • Upload: Employers can download, edit and upload returns using Excel/CSV files through the state's dedicated employer portal

    • Manual Entry: In certain States or specific industries, manual entry of returns into the employer portal is required

Please find links below for further information on industries covered in each state and employer return reporting information.

Add membership detail to employee

To ensure your Portable Long Service Leave employees appear in the report, you can select the Portable LSL employee checkbox and add the employees membership ID within the employee’s profile by following the steps below.

Helpful Hint

This report is to be used in conjunction with the template employer return which can be downloaded within your state's employer portal, or to assist you filing manual returns within your state's employer portal.

You can select employees to be included in the report and add their membership ID by following one of the below three processes:

Employee Details screen:

  1. Navigate to the employee details screen
  2. Go to Employees List
  3. Click on the name of the employee you want to add the detail to. 
  4. Entered the Portable LSL ID in the available box, this field will be included and display in the report. 
  5. Select the checkbox for Portable LSL employee. If this is not selected, the employee will not appear in the report. Long service leave employee 1.jpg
Employee Import:
  • Using the Employee Data Export report, the following fields are available to be imported:
  • PortableLongServiceLeaveId - use this field to enter the employees membership id
  • enter TRUE for the employee to be included in the report
  • when the field is left blank, or FALSE is entered, the employee will not be included in the report IncludeInPortableLongServiceLeaveReport


For further details on API fields, please refer to our API documentation - Employment Hero Payroll API Reference: Specification summary


Run the Report

To access the report, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your payroll platform.
  2. SelectReports from side menu.
  3. Click onPortable Long Service Leavereport.
    long service leave report.jpg
  4. This will launch the report page and allow you to select your chosen filters to run the report.
  • You can filter the report using the following parameters:
    • Report Period: You can select the following:
      • This month
      • This quarter to date
      • Last month
      • Last quarter
      • Financial year
      • Last financial year
      • Custom range
    • Pay Categories: Default pay categories will be displayed, you can select further pay categories from the drop down box which are sorted by award if relevant. By selecting the 'Reset' button, this will repopulate the Pay Categories with the defaults. 
    • Employees: The default value is ‘All’, however you can choose to filter the report for specific employees
    • Pay Schedules: The default value is 'All', however you can choose to filter the report for a specific pay schedule
    • Locations: The default value is ‘All’, however you can choose to filter the report for specific locations
    1. When the filters are set, click Run Report.
      LSL report run (1).jpg
Export the Report

Once you have generated your report you can

  • Export to Excel;

  • Export to CSV;

  1. Run report.
  2. Click Export.
  3. From the drop down menu select what format you prefer - either Excel or CSV.
  4. The download will start automatically. 
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