Work Types - for Use in Timesheets

Work Types are used when entering timesheets and can be used as an input when creating pay conditions. You can create work types and map them to pay categories or leave categories. 

NB: Work type dropdowns include headings for ‘Your work types’ along with any relevant installed awards, and work types are organised under those headings.

You can view a short video on work types here.

Add a work type

To do this go to the 'Payroll settings' tab on the payroll dashboard >  Work types under the 'Pay conditions' heading > click the 'Add' button in the far right-hand corner:


You will then need to enter the following fields:

  • Name (of the work type is required);
  • External ID;  if an external id is used that has been used before you won't be able to save it if the 'unique external Id' setting is switched on. This setting is located on the Payroll settings > Advanced settings page. 
  • Automatically enabled for (select the employee types you would like to auto enable the work type for);
  • Work Maps to:
    • Employee's Primary Pay Category
    • Pay Category (select relevant pay category)
    • Leave Category (select relevant leave category) *** Apply to pay run as leave accrual, when this setting is enabled, timesheets entered using this work type will accrue leave rather than take leave.
    • None (Shift Condition): see here for more information on shift conditions;
  • Save



You can manually enable work types for specific employees. To do this click on the employee's record > Work Types > select the relevant work types you need to enable for the employee > save: 



When an employee submits their timesheets via the self-service portal (or when a manager submits timesheets on behalf of an employee), this will be the set of work types that are available to be selected.

Delete a work type

You are able to delete a work type by hovering over the entry that you want to delete and clicking the red cross to the right of the screen:




Restoring a work type

You are able to restore a work type by going to Payroll settings > Restore deleted items, and selecting 'Work type' from the drop down box. A list of all deleted work types will appear and you can click the 'Restore' option against the work type that you are wanting to reinstate. 

Submitting Timesheets

There are several ways that timesheets can be created:

  • Employees can enter their timesheets through the self-service portal or Swag;
  • Employees can clock in/out using Clock Me In;
  • Employees can clock in/out using Swag
  • Managers can submit timesheets on behalf of employees in the employee management area - see here;
  • Timesheets can be submitted from external systems via our API functions. They can be submitted in a pre-approved state (meaning they are immediately available for import into a pay run) or unapproved (meaning they have to go through the standard approval process first).
  • Timesheets can be imported via a file or the roster 

Timesheet entry

As an example, we’ll look at submitting timesheets via the employee portal although the page in the employee management area is very similar.

When logging into the self-service area as an employee now, there will be an additional ‘widget’ showing on the dashboard. From here, we can enter timesheets.


You can select either 'week ending' or 'fortnight ending' from the drop down box and to change dates simply click on the left or right arrows, or the date for a calendar view:


We’ve designed the interface to be very keyboard-friendly for efficient data entry. For example, when entering start and end times, rather than click through the drop down list to find 9:00AM, you can simply type 9a and it will recognise it as 9:00am. Similarly, for example, 530p will be recognised as 5:30pm.

A few items of note:

  • If Work Type is not specified, the hours recorded will be assigned to the default pay category for the employee when the timesheets are imported into a pay run.
  • If Location is not specified, the hours recorded will be assigned to the default location for the employee when the timesheets are imported into a pay run.
  • If a Work Type is to be added to a day where a timesheet already exists, i.e. the employee's hours are on the timesheet for that day, you can add another timesheet line for any day by choosing this option from the Actions button on the create timesheets page

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