Disabling Higher Classifications

Higher classifications can be disabled if you do not wish your employees to be able to select a higher classification for their shifts. 

There are a few areas in which you can disable higher classifications, or stop them from triggering. 

Kiosk setting (Clock Me In)

If you go to the Payroll settings > Time and Attendance page you are able to configure the settings for each individual kiosk. Simply click on the name of the kiosk to open the settings. From there ensure the box is unticked that says "Allow employees to select a higher classification when clocking on":




Swag (clock in/out) 

This setting will include actions performed via the clock in/out function within Swag. To get to this setting, go to the Payroll settings > Employee portal settings page and find the option that says "Allow employees to select a higher classification when clocking in". Untick the box to restrict higher classifications.

Timesheet setting

This setting will include actions performed via submitting timesheets within Swag and the employee self service portal. You can find this setting by going to the Payroll settings > Timesheets page:


Changing the rank assigned to the higher classification

If you want some higher classifications to be available (but not all), and you want more control over which ones will be available to employees, you can edit the 'rank' assigned to each classification. In the configuration for employment agreements, you are able to assign a rank to each agreement. If one agreement has a higher rank than another then it will be considered to be a higher classification. Therefore, if you do not want a specific higher classification to be available, if you go to the 'Payroll settings' > 'Employment agreement' page and find the employment agreement that you want to 'disable', you just need to enter a '1' in the 'Rank' field:



If you do this, it will not trigger as only higher classifications with a rank higher than 1 will be available to employees (as long as they meet the employment type criteria, e.g. part time, casual etc). 

For more information on higher classifications see here

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