Leave History Report

The Leave History Report is an employee specific report that can be found in the reports page under the 'Employee' heading. It shows leave taken and accrued for each employee over a given period of time. 

In order to configure the report to your needs, you choose the following information:

  • Date Range: There are multiple frequencies to choose from as well as a 'custom range';
  • Employee default location: This reflects the location set on the employee file > pay run defaults page;
  • Leave category: You can select from the dropdown any leave category that is active within the business; 
  • Pay Schedule: This will show all pay schedules that exist within the business. 
  • Employee: You can select multiple employees. The search field allows for employee name, employee Id, external Id and payroll Id;
  • Employing entity (if applicable)

Upon running the report, you will see a list of each chosen employee (or all if none were chosen), the list of available types of leave along with the opening and closing balances for the chosen period. By expanding each line (clicking on the desired one, or clicking 'expand all' in the top right hand corner), the report will show the dates and amount of leave that the employee took for each type of leave. 

Take note that any leave category configured with 'Employee leave balance = Not tracked' will still appear in the report however there will be no opening or closing balance reported. 

You are also able to export this report to CSV, Excel or PDF and can also be added to report packs.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.au

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