Creating Leave Requests on Behalf of an Employee


It is possible for full access users to create leave on behalf of employees in the employee management area. This article will set out how exactly to do that. 

To access this, follow the instructions below


Create a Leave Request

  1. Log into your payroll account.
  2. From your dashboard, select Manage Employees.
  3. Click on Create Requests.


Alternatively, Go to Leave, then Create requests.


  1. Choose the employee/s for which the leave request applies. 
  2. Select the appropriate Leave Category (Annual, Sick etc).
  3. Note - any notes that may be relevant
  4. Select the first and last day of leave required.
  5. The box below confirms the employees that have been chosen. It also displays their available leave balance. If they do not have enough leave, the system will highlight in red to indicate it. You are able to override this warning and approve the leave. If you create a leave request for a single employee, you can attach a document for that leave request. 
  6. Tick box that says Approve Immediately. You have the option to approve the leave request immediately, or move it to Pending to be assessed later. 
  7. Click Save.

    Note: If the employer/manager chooses to approve the request immediately, email notifications to other manager(s) indicating a leave request has been submitted and awaits approval are not sent - simply because the leave request has already been approved. Additionally, an email is only sent to the employee when a leave request has been approved after being submitted (not when approved immediately at the time of creating the request).


Once you have clicked save, if you enter leave for an employee that overlaps with another employee, an alert will show with the overlapping employees and dates. You have the option to go back and fix this or continue with the overlaps and then have these requests in the pay run as is. 


Similarly you will also be warned if an employee has not got enough leave accrued.



Edit a Leave Request

Once a leave request has been approved, a manager with editing permissions can edit the leave request if required.

  1. Go to Leave from the side menu
  2. Select Leave Requests
  3. On the Leave Management page locate the Pending leave request you wish to edit and click on the pencil icon to the right of the request to edit. Please note you can only edit a leave request before it has been applied or only part applied in a pay run. Fully applied leave can not be amended. For more information on managing leave requests please refer to the Manage Leave Requests article.


Delete a Leave request

  1. Go to Leave from the side menu
  2. Select Leave Requests
  3. On the Leave Management page locate the Pending leave request you wish to edit and click on the bin icon.
  4. Confirm deletion.


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