Entering Timesheets via the Employee Portal

Employees and permitted managers are able to submit timesheets via the self service portal provided they have been given access at the business level - Employee Portal Access, and also at an employee level (via the Employee file > Pay run defaults page). 

When logging into the employee self service portal there is a clock icon showing on the dashboard, click on it to enter Timesheet Management.

Filter the Timesheet View

By default the timesheet will show on the week that is currently being processed.

Change the week by using the arrow buttons or  click the date button and choose a different date.

You can also select either 'week ending' or 'fortnight ending' from the drop down box:


Enter your timesheet data

You will need to enter the following values:

  • Work Type
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Units
  • Break Start
  • Break End
  • Paid break or unpaid break
  • Location

We’ve designed the interface to be very keyboard-friendly for efficient data entry. For example, when entering start and end times you can simply type 9a and it will recognise it as 9:00am. Similarly, for example, 530p will be recognised as 5:30pm.


Your employer will specify what is required on the Timesheet but a few items to note:

  • If work type is not specified, the hours recorded will be assigned to the default pay category for the employee when the timesheets are imported into a pay run.
  • If location is not specified, the hours recorded will be assigned to the default location for the employee when the timesheets are imported into a pay run.
  • You'll be able to attach a document to timesheets if required
  • You can enter hours worked, instead of start / end times on the timesheet by choosing this option from the Actions button. This will only be an option if your employer has allowed it in the Timesheet settings 
  • If you try to add a date that is before your start date, the system will show a warning on the timesheet line and will not allow data to be input for those dates.
  • You can enter a note to your timesheet by clicking the pencil icon. timesheets_notes.jpeg
  • You can delete a new line by clicking the bin icon. timesheets_bin.jpeg

Timesheet Actions

Add another timesheet line

  1. Click the Actions button.
  2. Select Add another timesheet line. timesheet_add_another_line.jpeg
  3. Select what date you want to add the new line for.
  4. Click Add. timesheet_add_line.jpeg
  5. This will create a blank line on the timesheet for you to complete. timesheets_new_line.jpeg

Add a timesheet using standard hours

If the employee has been set up to use Standard hours you can pre-populate the timesheet. 

  1. Click the Actions button.
  2. Choose Add standard hours.
  3. Click Save after making any changes. 

Copy timesheets from last week

When you open Timesheets by default it opens to the current week.

Filter to the correct week.

Click the Actions button.

Select Copy timesheets from last week. timesheet_copy__1_.jpeg

This will populat the week view you have selected with the timesheet settings from the week before. timesheets_copied.jpeg


Add a timesheet using approved leave requests

If an employee has an approved leave request, click the approved leave request banner at the top and click the annual leave shift that you’re going to import as a timesheet.

The system will attempt to work out the start and finish times of the shift however you can change these:


Any leave shift however should reflect the hours that the employee would normally otherwise have worked. If they normally have a break, enter the break into the timesheet, and click ‘Save’.

Entering a timesheet from an approved rostered shift

If timesheets are available to be created from rostered shifts, a section titled 'Rostered Shifts' will be shown:


Click the 'Generate timesheets from the rostered shifts' link and you'll see the 'Generate Timesheets' dialog with a list of rostered shifts that are eligible to generate timesheets from.

  • If the timesheet has a tick, a matching timesheet has already been found and generated.
  • If there's a '!' icon, then no matching timesheet has been found. 

Click the 'Generate' option to generate the timesheets from the rostered shifts: 


The timesheets section will populate all the relevant fields based on the information in the rostered shift (you will see an error if there are any issue generating the timesheets). 

Save your timesheet

Once you’re happy with your timesheet click Save.

An ‘S’ will appear next to your timesheets meaning your timesheet has been submitted. Where the timesheet line is a leave entry, an aeroplane icon will also show.

Your manager will receive a notification that your timesheet has been submitted and ready for their approval. 

 If you have any questions or feedback please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.au

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