Attendance Report

The Attendance Report can be found on the Reports tab under the Time and Attendance heading.

This report will provide information on shifts created via WorkZone - Clock in/out , Time and Attendance Kiosk and/or Clock Me In

This data includes:

  • Employee ID
  • Employee: You are able to select a singular employee to filter for. You cannot select multiple employees. The search field allows for employee name, employee Id, external Id and payroll Id;
  • Whether notes for the employee are visible or not
  • Event type - start/end shift, start/end break, shift discarded
  • Date
  • Time
  • Source
  • Location**
  • Map
  • Image 
  • Notes

To access and create an Attendance Report, you need to select 'Reports' -> 'Attendance Report'.

You are able to filter the report by:

  • Date range
  • Location
  • Source
  • Event type - start/end shift, start/end break, shift discarded
  • Employee

** Two points to note re location data/coordinates recorded from clocking events:

WorkZone and Clock Me In use the device's GPS and when activated it asks the system "can you please start detecting the users location, and we would like the most accurate location you can give us". The system might take 2 or 5 or 30 or 60 seconds to respond with an accurate location and if the user clocks in before we have an accurate location, there wont be any location data attached to the clocking event.

Occasionally you may see a location/coordinates that are a little "off" what you expect, eg. break start time is 10kms away from the shift start time when using the Clock Me In app on iPad - this will be down to one of two things:

  • it's either an unexplained but not all that unusual anomaly with GPS (GPS locations are rarely 100% precise)
  • the (not mounted) iPad was taken off site


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