Wiise Payroll Setup - Employee Mapping

Once the G/L Account Mapping for Payroll has been completed in Wiise, there are just a few more steps required before processing a pay run. This page explains how to map the Payroll Employees to Wiise Employee records using the integration with the Payroll system. This is important when it comes to the Payroll Journal, to allow the dimension values of Wiise employees to be assigned to the ledger entries when importing pay runs. Any employees newly created in Wiise must have appropriate dimension values added in Wiise, before importing the each pay run.

Employee Mapping Page

The Employee Mapping window lets you sync the employees in Wiise Payroll to the employee records already in Wiise.

Note: It is recommended you repeat this process if there are any changes made in Payroll (i.e. Adding a new employee). Not to worry, the system will prompt you to match any new employees that may have been created when you go to Sync the Pay runs in Wiise.

Employee Mapping Fields

Payroll No./Last Name/First Name

Wiise No./Last Name/First Name

    • The left hand side of the page shows the employees that exist in the payroll system.


    • The ‘Payroll Account Type’ and ‘Payroll Account Name’ columns refer to the different pay categories pulling through from Wiise Payroll.
    • The right hand side of the page shows the corresponding Wiise Employee records.


    • The ‘Wise Account No.’ and ‘Wiise Account Name’ columns refer to the G/L Accounts in which the pay categories should me mapped to in the Payroll Journal.


    • NOTE: The same Wiise G/L Account No. can be mapped to multiple payroll accounts; and it can be left blank until it is required when importing a pay run (in which case the pay run import will fail and indicate which payroll account requires mapping).



To begin the process of Employee Mapping:

1. From the Wiise Home screen, click on ‘Payroll’ in the navigation bar, and then select ‘Employee Mapping’.



Note: The system is able to recognise if an employee exists in Wiise Payroll but does not exist in Wiise, and will subsequently create that employee in Wiise automatically.

2. To complete Employee Mapping, there are 2 options:

       1. Auto Map

After creating employees in the payroll system, from the ribbon, select 'Process' then 'Auto Map' action to create and map the employees in Wiise. You will receive a notification confirming that employees have been mapped & created. This action may be also be used at any time in the future after further employees have been added to the payroll system.



     2. Individual Mapping

If any of the automatically mapped employees are incorrect, from the ribbon, select 'Manage' then then 'Edit List'. Each Wiise employee can only be mapped to one payroll employee; and it can be left blank until it is required when importing a pay run (in which case the pay run import will fail and indicate which employee requires mapping).




3. When satisfied, you can exit the Employee Mapping page.

You are ready to move onto Adding Dimension Values to Employees.

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