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Getting Started Guide

With this article, you can cover all your bases when setting up your business. Whether you need a simple setup, or want to configure your payroll to complex requirements, the below guide will help.

For a video covering some of the basics of your business setup click here.

The basics

The below articles cover the bare minimum you’ll need to complete before moving towards finalising your very first pay run. 

1.  Business settings
2.  ATO and STP settings
3.  Super payments using Beam
     •  Automated super payments
4.  Creating pay schedules
5.  Adding an employee

Part two

Once you’ve conquered the basics, the below articles show how you can setup the system to cater for YOUR needs if you have a more advanced payroll scenario.

1.  Installing awards
2.  Automated pay run
     •  Pay categories
3.  Setting up deductions
4.  Set up expense categories
5.  Set up additional leave categories
6.  Setting up locations
     •  Updating employee locations
7.  Connecting to journal services/chart of accounts
     •  Mapping GL accounts
8.  Setting up admin/restricted access users
     •  Approving timesheets

Employee access

The below articles show how you can create a win-win situation for you and your employees:

1.  Employee portal settings
2.  Timesheet overview
3.  Rostering overview
4.  Clock Me In

Pay runs

This section lists what you should cover for your pay run to be completed successfully:

1.  Entering current leave balances and/or YTD payroll totals
2.  Creating a pay run
3.  Finalising a pay run


The following article has a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on all aspects of the system - Frequently Asked Questions


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