Payment File Report

The purpose of the Payment File Report is to allow users to download the ABA, BPAY or Paytron file for a specific finalised pay run without the need to have access to the pay run itself.

Full users will automatically have access to this report if they have either ABA and/or BPAY account details set up.

You can access this report via the "Reports" menu, under the 'Payroll' heading.

You can filter the report using the following parameters:

  • Pay Schedule: If you have more than one pay schedule set up in the business, you can select the relevant pay schedule, which will then filter the list of pay runs in the next filter.
  • Pay Run: This is a required filter. Only finalised pay runs will appear in this list. 
  • Payment Account: If you have more than one bank account set up, this filter allows you to choose what bank account you want to use to generate the payment file. Selecting the "Default" option will use the standard bank account details saved against that pay schedule.

The Payment File Report can also be scheduled and sent to recipients via Report Packs.

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