Wiise - Payroll Journal / Dimensional Reporting

Gone are the days where producing a payroll journal is done in excel - this is way too time consuming and cumbersome. You will no longer need to export a payroll journal into excel only to have to apportion these cost to each of the areas of the business like marketing, sales, and operations. Wiise automatically records the payroll journal in great detail - using what we call "Dimensions".


What are Dimensions you say? Think of a dimension as an attribute that gets tagged against a certain transaction when it enters the system. In terms of Payroll - when you pay an employee, based on their default settings, that cost will be tagged against a number of dimensions (i.e. Location - Queensland, Cost Centre - Sales, Job/Project - Project A, Business Group - Industrial, etc.) That way, when it comes to doing your reporting later on, you can easily produce reports segmented against these Dimensions.


Unlike other systems that limit you two only, with "Dimensional" aspects you get up to 8 attribute categories with Wiise. Wiise also allows you to record the budgeted payroll expense amounts in the same fashion with each of these Dimension aspects, increasing visibility for the payroll administrator or CFO, and making it easy to compare variances between Budgets and Actuals all from within the one system. This will keep department managers more accountable for their overall employee costs, and free the business owner up to make more strategic decisions.

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