SuperStream Compliance

SuperStream is a government initiative designed to simplify and streamline the super process for small to medium businesses.

You can find out more about SuperStream here: ATO - re SuperStream compliance

Small employers (19 or fewer employees) needed to have met the SuperStream standard by 30 June 2016 (this was extended to 28 October 2016). Larger employers should have been using SuperStream since 31 October 2015.

We get asked a lot of questions by businesses/employers regarding whether they can use the system to ensure SuperStream compliance and if so, how do they do that. Below is a list of commonly asked questions:

Is the payroll platform SuperStream compliant?

Yes. It has been GOLD CERTIFIED by the ATO and is listed on the certified products register

Do I need to be using SuperStream?

If you're a business employing more than 20 employees, yes, you would have needed to start using SuperStream by July 1 2015.

If you employ less than 20 employees, then you would have needed to start usingSuperStream by July 1 2016 (this was extended to 28 October 2016).

How do I ensure I'm SuperStream compliant?

If you're using the payroll platform to process automated super payments via our clearinghouse integration, you're already 100% compliant. If you're not using our clearinghouse integration, the easiest way to ensure you're SuperStream compliant is to register with and begin processing super using the clearinghouse via the in-built integration

Are there any costs associated with processing automated super payments via our clearinghouse integration for SuperStream?

If you pay super quarterly, there are no additional costs at all.

If you pay super more frequently than quarterly, there is a cost. The associated costs can be found on the subscription page within the payroll file. 

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