User access - one per browser session

If you're using multiple email addresses to access different payroll accounts, or even different "types" of access within the same payroll account, you should be aware that you can only be logged in as one user in each browser session.  Let me explain...

In the payroll platform there several levels of access on offer

  • full access / business manager / payroll administrator
  • employee manager
  • location access
  • reporting access
  • employee access (ie. access to the employee self service portal)

Click on this link to find out more about the different user accesses.

Sometimes a payroll administrator will want to see for themselves what an employee manager, or employee sees when they use their access so will set themselves up (using a different email address) with access to an employee's self service portal (do this on the employee record, Employee Portal Access page), or as an employee manager (on the Manage Users page, under the business management heading on the payroll settings tab).  NB. You need to use a different email address to do this if you're a full access / payroll administrator because full access includes everything you can see on all of the other "limited" accesses (meaning full access trumps all other access levels so they aren't shown).

Once you, the payroll administrator, have set up your "other" payroll access you won't be able to use it in the same browser session as you're logged in to (with full access).  You'll need to either:

  • log out of the system then log back in as the "other" user
  • use a completely different browser to login to the system as the "other" user
  • use an incognito/private session in the browser you're using - eg. 
    • in Chrome


    • in Bing


    • search the help section of your browser if you're unsure about how to open an incognito or private session

NB. If you're using the payroll platform via QuickBooks Online in Australia you'll need to log out of QBO completely then go to this URL: and login as the "other" user.

As always, if you are having trouble with this or any aspect of the system, don't hesitate to contact our support team at 

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