Creating a Full or Restricted Access User

To create a user that has access to the business file, you need to access the 'manage users' page by going to Payroll settings > Manage users. From here, you are able to set up the following types of user:

  • Full access gives the user administrator access to ALL areas and functions of payroll, including the ability to authorise STP pay event lodgements. 
  • Restricted access is commonly given to managers. Here you can select what specific areas you want the user to access and restrict by employee group and/or location. View this article to see the different permissions you can give to restricted users.

Only full-access users can create a full or restricted-access user.

A short video on this setup can be found here.

How to add a user

To do this, click the "add" button to the right of screen. The screen will appear as follows:


You will be required to complete all of the following: 

  • The user's email address;
  • The user's full name;
  • Select the access level for that user by clicking on either ‘full access’ or ‘restricted access’.
  • If ‘full access’ is selected, then click ‘save’. The new user will receive two separate emails with login details and instructions on creating a password and logging into payroll.
  • If ‘restricted access’ is selected, further settings will appear for you to complete. There are 5 different sub-settings you can provide a restricted user with:


    You can choose to activate one or all 5 of the different types of access:

    1. Employee access
    2. Location access
    3. Reporting access
    4. Pay run approval
    5. Clock Me In access

Employee access

Choose an employee or group of employees the user can access. To create an employee group from this section, click on ‘Create’ for the context panel to appear. From there enter a name for the employee group and complete the criteria required that make up this group. You can include more than one criteria by clicking on “Add another criteria” and then choose whether the multiple criteria must match ALL or ANY of the criteria selected. You can also create employee groups from the ‘Manage Employee Groups’ tab.

See here for detailed information on employee groups.

Location access

Choose a location(s) the user can access. You can also select a location and all it's sub-locations to be included as well (this means that the user will have access to all sub-locations sitting underneath the location selected).  N.B. Location based restrictions means that an employee manager will only see data for the locations they have permissions for, even if an employee has access to other locations as well.  Eg. An employee has submitted timesheets for locations A, B and C. The employee manager only has access to Location A. The employee manager will only see timesheets submitted for Location A - this employee manager will not see the timesheets submitted by the same employee at locations B or C.

See here for detailed information on location access restrictions. 

Reporting access

Reporting access will provide the user with access to one, some or all reports. Reporting access can be restricted based on employee group and/or location access. Leave the ‘No restriction on reporting data’ option, on the Reporting tab unticked to apply the restrictions.

See here for further help with configuring restricted reporting.

Pay run approval access

Within pay run approval access, there are 2 settings:

  1. Pay run approval
  2. STP approval

Pay run approval

You are able to provide the user access to approve/decline pay schedules that have been configured to require pay run approval before it is finalised (via the Payroll settings > Pay schedules page). By giving them pay run approval permission, they are then able to approve/decline any pay run belonging to a pay schedule that they have access to.

More about pay run approvals can be found here

STP Approval

This will provide the user with authorisation to approve STP pay events by clicking on "STP Pay Event Approver". This permission is not restricted by employee groups or locations. However, an STP Pay Event Approver will only be authorised to approve a pay event once a full access user has specifically assigned the user. 

Clock Me In access

Provide the user with access to one, some or all kiosks in the business. This permission is only relevant to businesses that use the Time and Attendance feature.

See here for further help with configuring Clock Me In access.

How to delete an Existing User

Click on the bin icon located on the right-hand side of the user's name. A delete confirmation popup box will  appear:


Click 'OK'.

N.B. The user will not receive an email notifying them their access has been revoked. 

How to export Users

You can export all the users and their permission information into an excel spreadsheet.
To do this click on 'Export' (located on the right-hand side of the screen).


For more information on managing users, see this article

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