Mapping Deduction Categories for your General Ledger

When you are Setting up Deductions  and use a journal service you will need to map your deduction categories to your GL accounts.

To map the GL deductions category transaction accounts select:

Payroll Settings > Chart of Accounts > Deduction Categories > Map your liability and expense accounts > Save


Deduction Categories

Deduction category transaction accounts are used to allocate specific deductions to different GL accounts. If you don't specify a deduction account, the Default Payroll Liability Account will be used by default

Splitting by location

When you map your default GL accounts, you'll notice that there is an option to "Split by location". This allows you to write a transaction line per location to the journal for the same account. This is particularly useful if you're using locations, classes or tracking categories in your specified accounting package

Once you have mapped the deductions to your GL accounts  your journals will be exported including your deduction categories after each pay run.

Please also refer to article: Mapping GL accounts

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