Documents - Adding & managing global documents

The settings for Documents can be accessed and updated by clicking on the 'Payroll Settings' > 'Documents' tab which is under the 'Business Management' option.

A short video on this setup can be found here.

Adding a new document

To add a new document, click on "Upload Documents", located on the top right hand side. From here you can add a document via two ways:

  1. Click on "Add document" and then upload the document; or
  2. Drag and drop the document onto the green "Add document" button (the size of a document is limited to 14mb).

Once the relevant document has been attached, a further list of configuration settings will be displayed, as follows:

Part 1: Who should view this document?


Choose from either:

  1. Private: Selecting this option will only make the document accessible to full access users. N.B. Only full access users will see this option. Restricted users (ie Managers) will not have this option because of their restricted permissions; OR
  2. All Employees: Selecting this option will give all active employees set up in the payroll system the ability to view this document. N.B. Only full access users will see this option. Restricted users (ie Managers) will not have this option because of their restricted permissions; OR
  3. Employee Group: Restrict the accessibility of the document by selecting one or more employee groups. Further information on employee groups can be found here; AND/OR
  4. Location: Restrict the accessibility of the document by selecting one or more locations. This is useful when a document is only relevant to employees working in a certain location. For example, a Food Handling Procedures document may only be relevant to employees working in the "Kitchen" location, as opposed to the whole business.  

Part 2: Employee Acknowledgement


If options 2 to 4 from above are selected, you can then choose whether you require employees to acknowledge the document. The acknowledgement process for an employee requires they click on the "Acknowledge" button against the applicable document. An example of an employee's Documents screen with documents that require acknowledgement is as follows:


Full access and restricted users can configure their notification settings so they are sent an email when an employee acknowledges a document. Further information on notification settings can be found here.  

Part 3: Employee Notifications


If you have selected options 2 to 4 in Part 1, you can then choose to set up employee notifications that will be auto generated via the platform. You can choose to send a notification either (a) immediately or (b) schedule for the reminder to be sent on a date specific date. Additionally, you can schedule a reminder notification to be sent to employees every 'x' number of days. If you want this, specify the number of days the reminder notification is to be sent. This setting is particularly useful if you require employees to acknowledge a document.

Please note the following:

  1. Reminder notification emails will only be sent to employees who are yet to acknowledge documents;
  2. System generated emails are sent out on an hourly schedule;
  3. New employees and/or employees who are newly attached to an employee group or location that have documents requiring acknowledgement will be notified of these documents;
  4. Employee acknowledgements and notification emails will only be sent to employees with employee dashboard access. Refer here for information on how to set up employee dashboard access.

Complete the process of adding a new document by clicking on "Save". If you attempt to close the context panel without saving your settings, the following popup will appear:


If you click on "Discard" this will close the context panel and not save any changes. Clicking on "Keep" will take you back to the context panel so you can save your changes.

Editing an existing document

To edit the setting of an existing document, click on the pencil icon positioned to the right of the relevant document. This will open the context panel where you can edit any of the existing settings as per 'Adding a new document'.

Deleting an existing document

We recommend documents only be deleted if they are not attached to any employees. To delete an existing document, click on the red bin icon positioned to the right of the relevant document. The following confirmation popup will appear:


Click "OK" to confirm deletion.

Shortcut buttons 

You will notice the shortcut icons located to the right of each document, as follows: 


Clicking on the envelope icon (if coloured blue) will trigger a resend notification email to applicable employees. If the document requires acknowledgement, the email will only be sent to employees yet to acknowledge the document. If a document does not require acknowledgement, the email will be sent to all employees reminding them that the document has been added to their file and should be reviewed.

If the envelope icon is coloured grey, this means you cannot trigger a resend notification email. The reason for this would be either (a) the document is attached to a leave or expense request and so doesn't warrant a notification email or (b) the document wasn't set up to have a notification sent.

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