Importing Accounts

If you are using a "cloud based" accounting service such as:

You can import your chart of accounts from your payroll provider. Once you've imported your accounts, you can map them to the various transaction types in the chart of accounts.

You can import your accounts by following these steps:

  1. For non QBO customers, ensure that you have connected your cloud based journal service  
  2. Once connected, go to Business 'Payroll Settings' -> 'Chart of accounts'
  3. From the Chart of accounts page, click "Manage Accounts"

  4. Then select 'Import':

  5. Once on the import accounts page, you will see a list of all the accounts in your cloud accounting service chart of accounts. Tick each account that you'd like to map to a payroll transaction type


  6. Once you've selected all your accounts click the "Save" button.


Once you have imported your accounts, you can map them to GL transaction types

N.B. You'll also notice an 'Export' button in the Chart of Accounts. This allows you to export the chart of accounts setup so that you can better see what you've mapped.

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