Including PAYG in Your ABA file

You can transfer your PAYG payments via ABA file by following these steps:

Setting up your PAYG payment account

To transfer your PAYG payments via ABA, you first need to setup a PAYG payment account. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Click on the 'Payroll Settings' menu and then select 'Pay Schedules';
  2. Click on the pay schedule you want to process PAYG via the ABA for;
  3. Click the 'Pay PAYG via ABA to a nominated bank account' option and then fill in the following details for the bank account you want to pay PAYG into:
  • Account Name
  • BSB
  • Account Number
  • Reference


    If you want to pay your PAYG directly to the ATO, you can enter the following details:

    Account Name: ATO Direct Credit Account
    BSB: 093003
    Account Number: 316385
    Reference: Your ATO Direct Credit Reference Number

      4. Click Save

Once you have entered these details you can generate an ABA file from within the pay run and it will include an additional line for the PAYG payment.

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