IRAS Lodgement Details Report


The IRAS lodgement details report lists the submission information for IRAS lodgements that have been submitted. The report allows users to check what submissions have been made, who completed these and when.

The IRAS lodgement details report is only available for businesses who have nominated to lodge their income data electronically via the AIS. For more information on setting up your business to lodge income data electronically refer to the IRAS settings support article.

  1. Go to the Reports side menu.
  2. Navigate to IRAS reporting
  3. Select IRAS Lodgement Details Report.
  4.  Select the filters and click Run report.

You will have the following filters to choose from:

  • Basis period
  • Employing Entity - this filter will only show if a business has employing entities set up
  • Employee - uses the employee's 'preferred name' if one has been entered on their Employee file > Details page



The following columns are included in the report: report_3__1_.jpeg

Year of assessment - The year of assessment is the year the earnings are being reported. This will be the year after they were earnt.

Submission reference number - The submission reference number is the IRAS reference number. This number should be used if checking data on the IRAS side.

Organisation name - The organisation name is the name of the business the earnings were reported by. If you are using employing entities, the name will be the employing entity name. Where an employee has earnings against multiple employing entities during a year, they will be included in each of the employing entity submissions.

Organisation tax reference number - The organisation tax reference number is the UEN number provided for the business or employing entity.

Form Type - Displays whether the form is a IR8A App8a, App8b or IR8S.

File type - The file type with either be an Original or Amendment. Original is produced when the data is lodged for the first time for each basis period (completed at the page level). An amendment is produced where there has been changes to the employee earnings data since the original submission was processed (completed at the employee level).

Number of records - The number of records is the number of employees who were included in the submission. When selected, a context panel opens listing the names of all employees. There is a search field which can be used to limit the results displayed.

Submission date - The submission date is the date and time the lodgement took place, based on Singapore timezone. 

User who performed the submission - The user who performed the submission is the reference number of the user who logged into CorpPass for the submission.

The information displayed in the report is provided by the IRAS upon completion of the lodgement. If you have any queries in relation to this please contact the IRAS.

Download the Report

The report can be displayed on screen or exported to excel.

Click the download button at the top of the report and select Excel to start the download automatically. download_irasld__1_.jpeg

The export also contains the names of the employees included in the submission. 

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