Excess CPF Contributions Report

The excess CPF contributions report lists any employees who have had voluntary employer CPF or MediSave contributions paid during the selected basis period. The report is purely for information purposes only an gives an indication of which employees should have an IR8S form produced at the end of the basis period. The electronic lodgement and reporting to the IRAS is covered under the IRAS Lodgement report.

The following filters are available:

  • Basis period
  • Employing Entity - this filter will only show if a business has employing entities set up
  • Employee - uses the employee's 'preferred name' if one has been entered on their Employee file > Details page
  • Employee Default Location - refers to the employee's default location as set on their Employee file > Pay run defaults page



The total CPF contribution value is the rounded value which aligns to the CPF lodgement files. The employer amount is rounded up to the nearest $ and the employee amount has cents dropped:


The excess CPF report shows the CPF contribution split between ordinary wage (e.g. monthly salary) and additional wage (e.g. quarterly bonus). This differs to the pay run as in that instance (as well as the CPF files lodged to the CPFB), it only shows the total CPF contribution.

The report includes the following columns:

  • Employee NRIC/FIN
  • Employee name
  • Emplpying entity
  • Month
  • Ordinary wages
  • Employer/employee CPF contributions for ordinary wages
  • Additional wages
  • Employer/employee CPF contributions for additional wages
  • Total CPF contribution for employer/employee
  • Excess/voluntary contribution - Employer CPF & MediSave



The report can be displayed on screen or exported to excel.

If you have any questions/comments please contact us via support@yourpayroll.io

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