Adding a New Business

Before you can add employees and process pay runs, you will first need to add a new business. 

NB: If you are wanting to add an additional business, and you are a brand user, see here for instructions. If you are a full access user, you will need to first log into a business (any business) that you have access to. From there, select 'add a new business' from the suitcase in the top left hand corner.

Step 1 - Business Details

UENThis is your Unique Entity Number. This UEN is used to interact with all government agencies within Singapore. Individuals trading under their own name are not issued a UEN, they continue to use their NRIC. The UEN number will pre-fill and validate the 'business name' and 'Business Legal Name' fields.

Business Name: This is the name of the business that will be shown through the system.

Business Legal Name: This is the legal name of the business. It will be the name shown on pay slips.

Number of employees: Use the drop down box to select an estimate number of employees within the business. 

Address: This is your registered primary business address. If you tick the International Address box,  it means that the business does not have a valid address in Singapore. When entering an international address, Address Line 1 is required, the Postcode field should only be used for the postcode and the Address Line 2 or 3 should be used for the suburb/state. 
If you use the 'Lookup Address' field, the block/house number field is required, likewise the street name.  Entering data into the 'lookup address' field will auto display a list of addresses that you can select, and then the other required address fields will pre-populate.

Once your business details are complete, please click on the 'Next Step' button


 Step 2 - Contact Details

Contact Name: This is the name of the person that should be contacted in regards to payroll issues for your business. This is not the billing contact.

Email Address: This is the email address that should be used when enquiring about payroll issues for your business. This is not the billing email address to which invoices will be sent.

Contact Phone Number: This is the phone number that should be used when enquiring about payroll issues for your business. 

Once your contact details are complete, please click on the 'Next Step' button.


Step 3 - Payroll Details

What are your standard work hours: This is the standard hours per day that an employee would normally work. This value is important as it is used in various calculations throughout the system such as calculating leave accrual rates, and the amount of leave required when employees are requesting leave.

When does your work week start and end: What day does your work week begin (for the purposes of timesheets/rostering).

How often do you process pay runs: Here you can select the pay period under which your business processes pay e.g. Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly. You can create additional pay schedules later if you pay under multiple pay schedules.

What industry does your business belong to: You can specify which industry your business belongs to from the available list.


Once you have completed your payroll details, please click on the 'Create' button.

Your new business is all set up! From here, you can now click on the "Go to dashboard" button and you will be directed to your main business dashboard, the 'Add employee' button if you want to get started straight away:


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