Managing leave without pay

You can manage leave without pay by creating leave categories that don’t track the leave balance for an employee. This means you can create leave categories that employees are eligible to apply for without needing to accrue the leave first.

To start using leave categories without tracking leave balances, follow these simple steps:

  1. From the 'Business' menu, click 'Settings' and under Pay Run Settings click 'Leave Categories'
  2. If a 'leave without pay' category is not already there, create a new leave category and under the 'Employee leave balance' select list, choose 'Not Tracked' and click 'Save'.


Now when a leave request is created using a leave category without a tracked balance, the leave balance is not checked


When this leave request is applied in the pay run, there’s no associated balance that is updated, and in the pay run there are no warnings about employees not having enough leave.

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