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Within the bureau dashboard, the 2 types of users are 'Bureau admins' and 'Payroll processors'. Payroll processors will primarily be responsible for running the pay runs within a business, but generally won’t be a user that has 'reseller/partner' access. In this scenario, a payroll processor will be able to see the bureau activity feed, and perform actions such as creating workflows and business templates, but will not be able to add other users within the bureau or see businesses that they have not been given explicit access to. Additionally, once a payroll processor is added within the bureau dashboard, they are also given access to the business payroll file. 

It's important to know that users with bureau admin access are able to access ALL brands, and ALL businesses within the partner account. If you want to restrict any brands/businesses that the user has access to, you will need to set them up as having 'Payroll processor' access instead. With payroll processor access, you are able to individually select specific businesses that they have access to. 

This article covers the following information:

User types

There are 2 types of user within the bureau dashboard:

  1. Bureau admin: For more information on this see here;
  2. Payroll processor: For more information on this see here.

Within the bureau, bureau admins are able to mange users via the Admin > Users page. Users with 'Payroll processor' access do not have access to the 'Users' page.

Adding a user

Users with 'Bureau admin' access are able to add both other bureau admins and payroll processors, however, these two actions are performed from different areas of the system. Below are instructions for each:

Adding a user with 'Bureau admin' access

For a user to have bureau admin access, they first need to be given partner level access via the partner dashboard. Once that is done, they automatically have bureau admin access for the partner account applicable. To configure a user with partner level access, go to the Partner dashboard > Partner page:


From there, click the 'Add' button on the far right hand side, and enter the user's email address and name (the name will pre-fill if the user is an existing user):


Once this level of access is given, that user will then display on the Bureau dashboard > Users page as having 'Bureau admin' access. 

Adding a user with 'Payroll processor' access

Anyone with 'Bureau admin' access can add a user with 'Payroll processor' access from within the Bureau dashboard > Admin > Users page. Simply click the 'Add' button on the far right hand side:


The 'Add user' section requires the following:

  • Email address: You can enter an existing user by entering their email address below. Alternatively, if you enter a new email address, a new user will be set up with access to this bureau;
  • Access type: This will default to payroll processor;
  • Available to all businesses: Ticking this box will select in bulk all of the businesses under the reseller account so that the user will have access to all of them;
  • Select business: If you have not ticked the above 'Available to all businesses checkbox, you can select businesses individually by clicking this dropdown. You can then select each business by ticking the box/es to the left.


You can also assign the user as a 'Payroll manager' for the selected business/es, which allows the user's name to act as a filter on the Bureau dashboard > Activity feed page. In order to assign the user as a payroll manager for the selected businesses, you need to click the 'Assign payroll manager' button before clicking 'Save'. Once you do, the 'Payroll manager' column will list the name of the user and you can click 'Save' for the record to update:


NB: You can assign a business to a user without also assigning them as a payroll manager. If you choose to do that, it gives the person access to that business, but you would not be able to use their name as a filter when looking at activities via the 'Activity feed' page. 

Viewing a user

The first page is an overview of current users that include the following:

  • Name: This will show both the name and email address of the user;
  • Access level: Bureau admin / Payroll processor;
  • Businesses assigned to: This will show the number of businesses that the user has access to. If you click that link, you'll be directed to the 'Edit user' page which lists the names of these businesses;
  • Date: This reflects the date that the user was given access;
  • Added by: The name of the user that created the access;
  • Edit / disable: The pencil edit icon will direct you to the 'Edit user' page where you can make the necessary adjustments, and the disable icon will prevent the user from being able to access the bureau dashboard for the currently selected bureau and any brands, removing their access to all payrolls they currently manage. If you choose to disable a user, in the future, you can tick the 'Show disabled users' box in order to view their record and reactivate them.


Adding a business to a user

If you need to add additional businesses to an existing user, you can do this via the 'Edit user' page. Within the user details, you can either:

  1. Tick the 'Available to all businesses' box to give them access to all businesses within the partner account; or
  2. Click the drop down within the 'Select business' field and individually select businesses that you want to give them access to:


Removing a business from a user

Bureau admins are able to remove businesses from a user via the 'Edit user' page. Within the list of business names, click the red trash can, and then the 'Save' button.  You'll be asked to confirm that you want to remove their payroll admin access for those businesses. All other separate permissions for that user will remain intact.

NB: A business can only be removed from a user when the association isn’t implied (i.e. via a brand or reseller/partner association).

Disabling a user

There may be scenario's where you need to disable a user, such as when an employee leaves a bureau. Disabling the user will prevent them from being able to access the bureau dashboard for the currently selected bureau and any brands, removing their access to all payrolls they currently manage. To do this, you will need to go to the 'User management' page, and from there, click the below 'Disable user' icon for the user in question. :


When the 'Disable user' button is clicked, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to disable the user. Once confirmed, the user will no longer appear on the 'User management' page unless you tick the 'Show disabled users' option.

Reinstating a user

If a user has been disabled and you want to reverse this process, you can do so via the 'User management' page. Reactivating a user will restore their access to the bureau dashboard and payroll admin access to any payrolls they were previously managing.

You'll need to click the 'Show disabled users' option in order to view a user that has previously been disabled:


In order to reinstate the user, you can click the green 'Reinstate' icon on the right hand side:



After you have confirm the process, the user will be reactivated. 

If you have any queries, please feel free to email us at support@nzpayroll.co.nz

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