Manual Upload - Payday Filing Employment Information

Payday filing consist of the Employment Information, Employment Information Amendments and Employee Details - New and Departing.

To connect to the IRD using the gateway service i.e. straight-through processing from your payroll directly to the IRD, then refer to this article

For manual upload instructions, the Employment Information file is detailed below. Refer to the below articles for more information on the manual upload - Employment Information Amendment and Employee Details. 

All employers are required to report employee payments every pay cycle and submit these details to the Inland Revenue (IR) within two working days of the payday. Businesses who make over $50,000 PAYE and ESCT deductions a year, will be required to file electronically and businesses that pay less than this can choose to file electronically or on paper. 

Employers will no longer be required to file an Employer Monthly Schedule on the 20th of the month. 

In 3 easy steps:

  1. Process and finalise your pay run;
  2. Click on Payday Filing button;
  3. Generate and upload the report.

That's it! From here, you can log into your myIR portal to upload and submit your payday filing to IR. Detailed instructions provided below. 

Firstly, ensure that you have completed your business IRD Settings.

Once your business IRD settings have been completed you can create a new payrun, support article on how to create a new pay run can be found here.

Once your pay run has been finalised, the following 'Payday Filing' button will appear. Click on the 'Payday Filing' button. 

Clicking on the 'Payday Filing' button will take you directly to the Payday Filing reporting page. Review and ensure that the payday filing details displayed on the screen are correct. 

Clicking on the 'CSV' button will generate the Employment Information report. 

Upon clicking on the 'CSV' button, the following 'Confirm Download' message will appear, clicking on the 'OK' button will confirm that you will upload the report to the IR. 

If you are not going to upload the report to the IR as yet, then please click on the 'Cancel' button. You can go back into the pay run or the Payday Filing reporting page when you are ready to upload the report to the IR.

If you clicked on 'Cancel' from the 'Confirm Download' message above, then you can go back into the Pay Runs page, click on the relevant pay period to take you into the detailed pay run view to access the 'Payday Filing' button relevant to that pay period. 

You can also access the payday filing employment information from 'Reports', 'IRD Reporting' section and then 'Payday Filing'. Select the relevant 'Pay Schedule' and 'Select Pay Run' from the drop down. The Employment information relevant to that pay period will display. 

When you are ready to upload the Employment Information report to the IR, as mentioned above, click on the 'CSV button, 'Confirm Download' message will appear, clicking on the 'OK' button will confirm that you will upload the report to the IR. This will flag in the relevant pay run as being downloaded and lodged to the IR.

 You can click on the 'IRD Portal' text from the Payday Filing Report page which will take you directly to the Inland Revenue Department's myIR portal

IMPORTANT NOTE: when uploading your employment information report to myIR, please make sure you are uploading the original downloaded file from your 'Downloads'. DO NOT open and or save the report to your own drive as this will cause file formatting issues and as a result will return errors within the payday filing submission. 

Other notes:

Negative earnings are not accepted by the IRD. You will need to ensure earnings are presented as positive earning amounts. 

Submitting the final Payday Filing return

The IRD require they be notified if the employer ceases employing staff and will no longer be submitting Payday filing data. This can be done via the Payday submission itself. To switch on this setting prior to undertaking your last Payday filing submission, go to the IRD Settings screen and select the "Payday Filing Final Return" checkbox. The checkbox MUST only be ticked when:

  • the employer ceases employing ALL staff; and
  • the final pay run for ALL staff has been finalised and is to be submitted.

Once you have selected the checkbox, you will notice the following warning on the Payday Filing screen for the applicable pay run:


It is the only at this time, prior to submitting Payday filing, that you can reverse the final return setting. When the final submission or download has been completed, you will no longer be able to complete any further Payday filing activities. Rather, you will see the following message when trying to submit Payday filing for a pay run:


Please do not play around with this setting if you do not meet the criteria above. Otherwise, you will need to liaise with the IRD to rectify the final lodgement notification to them.

For more information on how to upload the Payday Filing reports, please refer to the IRD website.


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