Uploading Employee Documents

In order to upload a document for an individual employee you need to first go into their Employee File by going into the 'Employees' tab and either searching for their name or clicking on their name from this list:

Once you are in the employee file, click on the 'Documents' option under 'Employee Management'.

From here, you are able to view previously added documents as well as add a new one:

To add a new document, click the 'Upload Document' option. A new dialogue box will then allow you to add a document. Once the documents is attached there are a number of options. These include:

  • Whether to make it visible to the employee
  • Whether it requires employee acknowledgement
  • If you want to send a notification to the employee. If so, you can choose whether to send it immediately, or on a selected date (click the calendar to select the date). In addition, you can choose if you want to send a notification reminder to the employee and select how often (in days) that you want this to occur.

The document page will show you the status of any uploaded document including:

  • The name of the document
  • When it was added
  • Whether or not it is visible to the Employee
  • Whether or not it requires employee acknowledgement, and if the employee has acknowledged it. If the document requires acknowledgement, the email will be sent to employees asking them to acknowledge the document. If a document does not require acknowledgement, the email will be sent reminding them that the document has been added to their file and should be reviewed.
  • Whether or not a notification has been sent, and the date that it was sent
  • Any links associated with the document. This is relevant if an employee has attached a document to an expense or leave request, as the link to the request will appear in that column. However, if the manager does not have access to view leave requests or expense requests for that employee they will not see the link.
  • The three icons in the last column allows you to edit, delete, or resend the notification. The envelope (notification icon) will be greyed out if you cannot trigger a resend notification email. The reason for this would be either (a) the document is attached to a leave or expense request and so doesn't warrant a notification email or (b) the document wasn't set up to have a notification sent.

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